Thursday, 6 July 2017


You must be wondering what Poison I am going to talk about. Right?
Imagine if you were in Countdown buying every single biscuit packet.What would happen to you?
YOU would become obese.

Do you ever look at the contents at the back of packaging?
If you haven’t, I will tell you what I read at the Tim Tam packet and saw three kinds of sugar which are totally bad for the health.

1.What will happen to your body?

You could get fat from eating too much sugar, and your blood pressure might go really high. Some people can even get diabetes which is very bad for your body. And you will need to eat sugar-free things.
2.What kinds of food makes you fat?

You might have been wondering what foods make you fat right? I will tell you what type of food can make you fat... muffins, fast food, fatty foods all might have some poison.
3.What kind of foods should you eat?

You should eat foods like berries, yogurt, vegetables, fruit, oil fish, vegetable soup, lean meats, chicken, fish and dark chocolate. In the drinks, you should have, Green tea, coconut water, iced teas, vegetable soup, and water.

Now you know what to eat and what not to eat . Remember it is you that is in charge of your health and only you can decide what to put in your mouth. Good luck with your lifelong journey towards good health.


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